Ta Hui's Teaching


Our teaching this week comes from a book called “Swampland Flowers, The Letters and Lectures of Zen Master Ta Hui.” (translated by J.C. Cleary)
The Great Chinese Master Ta Hui Tsung Kao (1089-1163) is a central figure in the Rinzai school of Zen, known for being a passionate advocate of the koan practice so important in that tradition…He emphasizes that the liberation promised by the Buddha is available to everyone in a any walk of life, and that any occupation can be a form of Zen practice.” – J.C. Cleary

Don’t Keep Knowledge

When you study the Path, before you’ve gained an entry, it feels endlessly difficult.  When you hear the comments of the teachers of the school, it seems even harder to understand.  This is because if the mind that grasps for realization and seeks rest is not removed, you are obstructed by this.  As soon as this mind stops, you finally realize the Path is neither difficult nor easy, and also that it cannot be passed on by teachers.

Edahn Small